Hi, I'm Kristen Leedom.

I began breeding sphynx kittens a little over 22 years ago. As a born animal lover, from the time I was a young child I often felt a better connection to animals than I did to people.  I enjoyed spending most of my days in the woods, at the local park, in the peace and quiet with small animals that inhabited them.

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Due to severe allergies, I was never able to actually have a pet cat or dog as a child. My only pets were my little rats that I bred for a while, but I became highly allergic to those as well. My rats were great little pets, and I even went to the extent of trying to get hairless rats, but my allergies persevered and it was not an option.  I was devastated that I couldn’t have pets without endangering my health.

Fast forward to when I was 21 (22 years ago) and I was having a conversation with my parents at their house one summer day.  We were discussing whether or not there were different breeds of cats like there were dogs (keep in mind Google wasn’t as readily available for a quick search). I grabbed a copy of the Sunday journal where they had an ad section for people selling domestic animals. That was when I saw an ad for sphynx kittens….  hairless cats. I had no idea such a creature existed. I called the number from the ad, and the very next day, my mother and I took a trip two hours north to see the sphynx kittens. I fell in love with them.  I purchased a blue and white male kitten that day.


I brought the little male kitten to my parent’s house to show my dad and when he looked at the kitten, he fell in love with him. Seeing my dad so immediately attached, I decided to let my dad keep him. The following day I went back up north to the breeder and purchased his brother, to keep for myself. He was also a blue and white kitten.

I was so taken by these amazing cats, that I decided to purchase a pair for breeding.  Although my dream had always been to be a veterinarian, breeding sphynx kittens, I think, was the next best thing.

I fell under the spell of these amazing cats and purchased a pair for breeding and then the house across the street from my parent’s where I had grown up. My dream was always to be a veterinarian. Breeding sphynx I think was the next best thing.

When I first started breeding sphynx, there were  roughly  20 other breeders worldwide. Marketing online wouldn’t become an available option for several years, so at the time, we advertised in print magazines (such as Cat Fancy and Cats USA) and newspapers. Years later, I became one of the first sphynx breeders with an actual website and my kittens developed quite a following.

Breeding the sphynx kittens quickly became my  sole occupation, and I’ve dedicated all of my time to these unique creatures. I rarely take a day off, and while what I do isn’t easy, it is my life’s work and I’m extremely  passionate about it. There are very few breeders in the world that have been breeding the sphynx cats as long as I have. Countless hours go into raising each of my kittens and cats and I don’t regret a moment of time spent with them.