The Skinderlop Sphynx

Their Origin

Although the Skinderlop breeding program has been discontinued, it was a project I remain very proud of.  We bred some beautiful, sweet kittens and the hybrid breed achieved global recognition.  We made the decision to stop breeding them in 2020 and placed our breeding adults, as pets, with new families after they were spayed and neutered.  Even though the Skinderlop kittens are no longer available, I’d love to share a bit about how the hybrid breed came to be.


In 2009, several years after bringing the vision of the Elf breed to fruition, I worked with another breeder, Nancy Raber of Lecrislin Cattery, to create the Skinderlop sphynx breed.  The Skinderlop is the deliberate hybrid of the Sphynx and Scottish Fold.  Nancy Raber has bred award-winning Scottish Folds for over 30 years, and we shared a vision of the hairless sphynx with folded ears. We began working toward making that dream a reality with the desired results being a hairless cat with folded ears, athletic in appearance, comical, smart, out-going, very affectionate, and a bit mischievous.

Skinderlop 4.png

The Temperment

Skinderlops are intelligent, friendly cats that are agile and have plenty of personality. They respond well to being handled and they are very interactive, social cats. Some may feel that this is a controversial breed, but through perseverance and ethics, we feel it will be accepted with both TICA and CFA. We plan to take this breed to championship levels.

We are open to collaborating to promote the Skinderlop. If you are interested in being one of the fore founders, please contact us for more information.